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Update Farewell to Peter Shepherd

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COUNTER is happy to announce Lorraine Estelle as the Project Director.

COUNTER is happy to announce Lorraine Estelle as the Project Director. Lorraine previously held the post of CEO of Jisc Collections and replaces Peter Shepherd on his retirement. “Peter will be a very hard act to follow, but I am looking forward to the challenge. He has also secured successfully developed the COUNTER Code of Practice as an internationally recognised industry standard. Metrics have evolved hugely in recent years” said Lorraine “and COUNTER is well placed to develop in meeting the needs of libraries, publishers and vendors, institutional repositories and funders. The COUNTER Code of Practice for Articles Release 1 is an important development and one on which COUNTER will be building. I am looking forward to engaging and working with all of COUNTER’s Board, Executive Committee and all of its stakeholders in the continuing development of COUNTER to ensure its crucial contribution to the information environment efficiently and effectively.” Lorraine can be contacted at


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The bulk of COUNTER’s financial support comes from our members in the form of annual membership fees and this is the bedrock of the organization’s fiscal stability. In addition, COUNTER also accepts larger donations from organizations that are keen to provide greater financial support and is pleased to recognize such organizations as Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsors. COUNTER would like to thank the following Sponsors that have made generous donations this year:


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Implementing SUSHI and COUNTER: A Primer for Librarians

Edited by Oliver Pesch

Project Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources (COUNTER) released its first code of practice in 2002. Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) was introduced in 2007 as a way of automating the harvesting of COUNTER reports. Both initiatives have been well adopted yet there is still confusion about how to implement SUSHI. This column offers a primer for library staff wanting to take advantage of the benefits of SUSHI. It starts with a quick review of both COUNTER and SUSHI, then covers options for SUSHI clients, examines SUSHI configuration requirements, demonstrates how to use SUSHI to obtain a COUNTER report and shows an example of working with a COUNTER Journal Reports in Extensible Markup Language (XML) format to create a spreadsheet with a simple cost-per-use and package analysis. By the end the reader should gain enough knowledge to configure a SUSHI client, successfully harvest COUNTER statistics and to perform some basic analysis on that usage. The full article has been published on Taylor & Francis Online. It is available at:

UKSG Usage Statistics - Practical Skills for Librarians: Oxford

UKSG is running a one-day training seminar on 8th September, that will give will give a practical introduction to accessing, collating, presenting and utilising e-resource usage statistics by:

• outlining the range of usage statistics available, with a focus on COUNTER reports • giving an overview of tools available to gather and process statistics, such as JUSP • exploring how statistics can be used for decision making • looking at future developments in the provision and exploitation of usage statistics.

Find at out more from the UKSG website

Farewell to Peter Shepherd

The members of the COUNTER Board of Directors would like to join me in thanking Peter Shepherd who will be retiring this summer. As COUNTER’s first Director, Peter has been instrumental in developing the Code of Practice, now a global industry standard. He has ensured that the standard is consistently and widely adopted to the benefit of libraries, publishers and vendors.

Peter’s capability, industry knowledge, and commitment have helped to steer COUNTER’s development over the years and his enthusiasm and professionalism have nurtured a community of good practice with collegiate involvement of the COUNTER Executive Committee, Technical Advisory Group, and the industry as a whole. We are delighted that Peter has agreed to remain as director of the Board ensuring that we and his successor will not be entirely bereft of his expertise. However, between Board meetings, we wish Peter a delightful (and well-earned) retirement.

Kathy Perry

Chair of COUNTER Board of Directors


COUNTER compliance - a step-by-step Guide for vendors


The purpose of this Guide is to take Vendors who are interested in becoming COUNTER compliant through the compliance process, to enable them to select the COUNTER reports that are relevant to their products, and to describe what happens once a Vendor has become compliant. COUNTER compliance: a step-by-step Guide for Vendors

Relationships between journal use and research output at academic institutions

Youngim Jung’s article on the relationship between journal use and research output at academic institutions in South Korea is now published. The study “confirmed that the association of e-journal use with the two quantitative research indicators is strongly positive…” Read the article full article:

Jung Y. et al (2015) Statistical relationships between journal use and research output at academic institutions in South Korea, Scientometrics June 2015, Volume 103, Issue 3, pp 751-777. DOI: 10.1007/s11192-015-1563-0

COUNTER Organizational Structure

COUNTER Online Metrics is a not-for-profit company registered in England (Company No: 4865179). The company has a Board of Directors, chaired by Hazel Woodward of Cranfield University, who have delegated responsibility for the overall management and direction of COUNTER to an Executive Committee, chaired by David Sommer, of David Sommer Consulting. Day-to-day management rests with the project director, Lorraine Estelle.

The International Advisory Board of COUNTER consists of leading experts from the publishing, library and intermediary world. Click here to view the membership of the COUNTER Board of Directors, Executive Committee and International Advisory Board.

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[1] A ‘Smaller Publisher’ is one with annual revenues less than £6.5 million/US$10 million.

[2] Members who pay in advance for three years may now take advantage of a 5% discount for a three-year membership in any category.

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